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Ontario Tutors

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Toronto and regions

Tutor's Name
Judith Hajer
French-German, B.Ed.,B.A.,M.A.
OtherSubject: German Language and Literature
phone: 519-722-7435
city: Kitchener
Latika Nayak
Alexandre Chun
Life science // Mathematics
(905) 707-9615
Houcine Bouallagui
Phone: (416) 750-9710

Gharib Masari

Sciene, elecrical engineering, French
(416) 627-7492

Lauren Quinn


(519) 945-9536
city: windsor

Michel Bilmes

Bachelor of science in math, and in Education

(519) 434-4351


HBSc  Biology

Tel. 647-2974355

Max Leonov

Physics // Chemistry

(416) 663-6446

Bassam Saliba

Physics // mathematics

Tel.(915) 6397874

Tim Schisler

BSc at University of Toronto, major in psychology
phone: 519-432-3627

Carole Marti

Doctorat en sciences de gestion

Hareem Haque
Electronics Engineering Degree
phone: 6472307608

Clint Cluster

BSc  Biological Science, University of Toronto
phone: 416-287-3798

Ibrahim Al-Syed

Chemistry and Physics
phone: 416-820-6424

Kagidra Theivendra

Math, English, Biology, Social Science, English

Tanya  Kearney

English Language and Literature
(519) 433-4196

Sarah Leeming

MA International Relations/HonBA Political Science, Spanish & East Asian
 Tel. 519-438-5008

Brittany  Onslow

Honours HSSGD, 2 years university English, 1 year concurrent education
 Tel. 519-204-7277

Behzad  Nikzad

High School Diploma with a 90 admission average for university
Tel. 519-428-4577 ext 17263

Alexa  Eason

Bachelor of Arts, Honours from York University (Major: English, Minor:
Spanish);  D-TEIL (Discipline of Teaching English as an International Language

Tel. 591-641-1004

Meera Jain

MSC-childhood education, BSC-Nutrition

Isabelle  Dupraz

BSC Pure Mathematics, TESOL certification

Tel. (519)697-6812

Reham  Alfarawi

Grade 1-6 in editing, writing techniques and help in homework

Pierre Chenier

College degree, plus 2/3 of credits for bachelor in french literature
experience in tutoring


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